Heroki looks to stun in early 2012

You may not have heard of Picomy before now, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that word is going to spread about the new indie studio soon. The company has just revealed its first trailer for Heroki, a new family-friendly fantasy adventure that looks utterly enchanting.

The game stars the titular Heroki, a young boy who lives in a village that floats in the sky. The village is kept safe thanks to a magical item that is suddenly stolen, leaving the area in danger. As a result, Heroki drops down into our world and sets out to retrieve the stolen magic.

Heroki consists of 2.5d action and platforming gameplay. As Heroki explores numerous worlds, he’ll have to battle enemies and solve numerous puzzles, as well as engage in boss fights. Additionally, he can return home to his village and engage in small sidequests in order to earn extra experience points.

Additionally, the controls are promising to be pretty unique. Heroki can walk, run, and fly, and the touch-based interface will allow him to perform a number of different abilities, too.

Based on the trailer, the game looks like it will be pretty amazing in terms of production values. Personally, I’m interested in seeing some more gameplay, but the graphics and sound on display so far are absolutely lovely.

Keep an eye out in the App Store for the Heroki sometime later this year.