Furmins brings the cute in Q1 2012

Finland-based Housemarque has a history of some pretty solid games, including recent DLC hits like Dead Nation and Outland. However, the developer is about to boldly venture where it’s never gone before: iOS devices. The company’s new game, Furmins, looks like it’s going to be a genuinely challenging physics-based puzzle platformer that also looks to be a ton of fun.

The titular “Furmins” are a race of goofy bird-like creatures that have a little problem. Their king has fallen asleep and rolled over into the river. Apparently the king is so large that he’s now blocked the flow of water, meaning that plantations are drying up across the land. As a result, the Furmins have to travel across the kingdom and try to wake their ruler back up.

Furmins is a platform/puzzle game that will have you guiding the Furmins through levels to the basket that serves as the exit. In order to get the little guys out, you’ll have to rearrange level items and use bumpers to form new pathways and create physical chain reactions that will empty out the map. Along the way, you’ll be challenged to collect every star that’s littered across the stage.



As a result, this is one of those games that rewards patience and planning over fast reaction times. In fact, it looks like you’ll have to spend a lot of time studying each level before you start things off, figuring out the best path for the Furmins to take.

Furmins is due out sometime early this year, but a definite release date and price point have yet to be announced.