Back in May, GameFly acquired Direct2Drive from IGN, which made a lot of people wonder what the future contained for the two services. Well, GameFly has finally revealed the answer: Direct2Drive is being merged with GameFly, so now you can pre-order, rent, buy, and download your games all from one source.

The merger will be (mostly) seamless. At the beginning of the new year, Direct2Drive will be migrated to GameFly, transferring your account and purchase history to the latter, though you will need to reset your password. If you’ve already got a GameFly account, the two will be combined.

However, there are a couple of things you’ll need to do before the migration takes place: Download your favorite game purchases from Direct2Drive (even though the services are planning to carry over as many titles as possible, this is a “just in case” precaution) and all your non-game files (like Prima Guides), since they won’t be available after the merger.

Exactly when the migration will take place hasn’t been revealed, though it sounds like it’ll happen sometime in early January.