Com2Us spends a day at the races in the upcoming Derby Days

When it comes to pets, raising horses isn’t an easy task. They’re big, they’re temperamental and they need a lot of space and food. Com2Us is about to help you with those requirements, thanks to its new game Derby Days.

Derby Days is, at its core, a horse-racing simulator that will include a ton of other features. You start out as a ranch owner who has to raise a horse from a newborn foal into (hopefully) a champion racer. Aside from training the steed and having them participate in competitions — local and, eventually, international — you’ll build up and improve your ranch. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of new buildings and animals, these upgrades will also improve your training system.

Derby Days

Derby Days

The game sounds like it’s going to be customizable down to a T, since there will be thousands of different horses available to choose from. On top of that, you can visit your friends’ virtual ranches and mate your horse with theirs to produce a new foal. The game rewards social play, rewarding you with more horses for the more friends you interact with. Gameplay will feature a number of different types. Aside from the animal raising and ranch building and actual racing, there are over a hundred quests to complete.

Derby Days is already out in Canada, Australia and New Zealand; the US release isn’t too far away.