Explore the ocean from the comfort of a web browser

There are a number of different reasons why people play games. To enjoy time with friends, to live out a fantasy, or simply to have fun. But there are few games where the ultimate goal is to create a relaxing experience. That’s the case with TheBlu. It’s a game that lets you view the oceans as a spectator, exploring at your own pace.

In TheBlu you don’t suit up in a virtual wetsuit and explore as a diver. Instead, you essentially play as camera person. In each area you’ll be able switch between different views and then move the camera to view the world around you. You can click on fish not only to learn more about them, but also to focus in on their movements, with the camera following them as they swim.

Each area in the game — which range from colorful coral reefs to the wide expanse of open water — is populated with unique species of fish, and the only real goal in the game is to find and tag each one. As you watch the aquatic life in action you’ll regularly see fish imbued with a glowing light. Clicking on these fish will tag them, and for every group of five tagged you’ll be able to select one and add it to your collection. You don’t have to find the fish of course, but it is necessary for opening up new areas to explore.

Aside from the simple act of finding fish, though, TheBlu is pleasantly goal-free. You can simply explore at your own pace. And while that may sound a bit on the boring side, the terrific visuals and soothing soundtrack make it a great experience for anyone with an interest in marine life. If you’re curious about just how many types of clownfish there are, you’ll definitely enjoy TheBlu.



The game is free-to-play, but you can use premium tokens to purchase new fish and to open up certain areas. In the closed beta we played we were given enough tokens to open up two new ocean locations to explore, and presumably you’ll need to purchase tokens to continue to see more of what the ocean has to offer.

TheBlu is one of those games that only loosely fits the definition of what a game is. Yes, you have certain goals, but they’re largely optional and they’re more of an incentive to explore than anything else. TheBlu isn’t challenging and it doesn’t present a compelling story to follow. Instead, it’s simply about providing an experience that most of us won’t actually be able to enjoy in the real world. And it’s a supremely relaxing and beautiful experience at that (so much so that there’s even an option to watch your fish as a screensaver).

TheBlu is in closed beta. You can register to play early here.