Rebels & Rulers to brings a popular Chinese MMORPG to Android

It’s taken a little while for Rebels & Rulers to arrive here in the West. Originally known as Latent Dragon in China, the smartphone MMORPG has let over 5 million people engage in a sweeping martial arts epic, and now the game is about to be released for English-speaking users.

The game is set in Imperial China, where you star as a rebel fighting against the Mongolian rulers. Along the way, you can learn from the five major styles of Chinese Kung Fu of the Yuan Dynasty.

Rebels & Rulers

Players are told to expect a PC-style MMORPG for the Android devices. The game is certainly deep enough to be a PC game, featuring five major styles of Kung Fu, ten character classes, and more than 300 different martial arts techniques. The gameplay, meanwhile, is set to contain real-time battles, an enormous world to explore, countless missions to accomplish, allies to win over and “real love and hate” to experience.

Rebels & Rulers is due to receive the fully localized English version by the end of this year, but no official date has been revealed yet. Expect to play this one exclusively on the PlayPhone Social Gaming Network.