Telltale announces 7-episode Law & Order: Legacies

Telltale Games (Back to the Future: The Game, Jurassic Park: The Game) is tackling another beloved franchise with a series of seven episodic games based on the long-running TV crime drama Law & Order. Law & Order: Legacies will debut later this month as a universal app on iPad and iPhone, with PC/Mac versions scheduled to launch in early 2012.

Like the show on which it’s based,Law & Order: Legaciesallows players will take on the roles of both police investigator and district attorney as they hit the streets to gather evidence and then enter the court room to prosecute the case. As in every episode of theLaw & Orderseries, choice and morality will be key factors and every decision made throughoutthe game, and can lead to multiple endings for each case. Each of the seven episodes is its own self-contained case to solve.


Law & Order: Legaciesincludes the likenesses of popularLaw & Ordercharacters from throughout the series’ impressive 20-year run, including Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach), Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt), Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), and Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston).


According to Telltale, the first two iPhone/iPad episodes ofLaw & Order: Legaciesare targeted for a December release,with the remaining five cases rolling out shortly thereafter. PC & Mac versions are scheduled for early 2012. For more info, visit the game’s official website.