Unstoppable Gorg is a loving homage to 1950s Sci-Fi movies with unique tower defense gameplay

Unstoppable Gorg is an upcoming tower defense game that’s unique for a couple of reasons: First, there’s the over-the-top B-movie theme, which is designed to pay homage to vintage sci-fi films of the 1950’s as you defend Earth against invading by sending satellites into orbit. Then there’s the gameplay, which lets you move your towers in real-time by rotating the orbits that surround planets in order to gain the upper hand.

Check out the super fun and cheesy retro trailer here:

Developed by Futuremark Games Studio and published by Meridian4, Unstoppable Gorg features scenes that were shot on actual film, using models, miniatures, and live action actors and then edited together with movie archive footage to create an authentically vintage-looking sci-fi experience.

The Head of Futuremark Games Studio, Jaakko Haapasalo, who plays the role of Radiant Beem (one of the three alien leaders, alogn with Sereai the Temptress and Gorg the Lizard King), had this to say about the game’s unique esthetic:

“It’s the difference between the Star Wars films that people love, with their special effects created with models, and the unpopular prequels with their heavy-handed CGI. With Unstoppable Gorg, we wanted to embrace the film techniques used in the golden age of sci-fi to create an authentic visual style that has never been seen in a game before.”

In January 2012, blast off into the dark unknown to experience a new style of tower defense game when Meridian4 and Futuremark Games Studio releaseUnstoppable Gorgdigitally for PC.

Unstoppable Gorg will be released on PC in January, 2012, with versions planned for Xbox LIVE Arcade and iPad as well.