Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will prevent Mailmen from hitting your iPad in 2012

When it comes to jobs involving stealth tactics, “mailman” probably isn’t a word that comes to mind. But delivering mail is more dangerous than you might expect, thanks to the insane number of guard dogs that would like nothing better than to make you into a tasty snack. Ayopa Games’ and Sandstorm Interactive’s upcoming puzzle/stealth game for the iPad Mailmen is set to demonstrate just how hazardous (and how fun) the job can be.

In Mailmen, you control Johnny, Charlie, and Dave as they go about their mail delivery duties. They pick up and deliver mail, as well as avoid getting eaten by the local dogs. Every breed of dog “from Chihuahua to Doberman” has a cone of sight that lets him or her spot one of our fearless mailmen. If you cross their vision path, the dogs will give chase.

Each mailman has special abilities (like disguises and restraints) that they can use to get out of a jam, access secret areas, and collect hidden items. On top of that, the three mailmen can work together as a team — thus combining their abilities— to get their jobs done.

Additionally, you’ll be able to take your saved games on the go, even if you’re using a friend’s iPad, since the title will be iCloud compatible.

Mailmen is due out in February 2012.