Venturing through the fantasy world of Neverwinter in the Facebook role playing game D&D Heroes of Neverwinter can be tough. Thankfully, we here at Gamezebo are here to help. We’ve got 25 explorer bundles to give away courtesy of Atari, each one filled to the brim with four very useful in-game items. These include: a cleasning salve to help rid your character of annoying afflictions, the glyph of tyranny to daze your opponents, the knock scroll for magically unlocking doors and chests, and the neverwinter spider stew, which may not taste all that great but does raise your resistance to poison. To win, simply head over to the Gamezebo Facebook page. All 25 codes will be posted there at 3:00PM EST today, along with instructions for how to use them. And once they’re gone, they’re gone. Good luck adventurers!