Jewel Story adds swords and spells to match-3

Much like Puzzle Quest before it, the upcoming Jewel Story on Facebook is attempting to spice up the Bejeweled formula with added role playing and strategy elements. You still match jewels into groups of three or more, but you’ll also be venturing out on an epic fantasy adventure, taking on quests and customizing your own character.

The game puts you in the role of an adventurer out to discover the mystery behind your parents’ disappearance. You’ll get to choose from four different classes — rogue, mage, warrior, and druid — and as you progress you can customize your character by equipping and upgrading different weapons, gear, and spells. There’s a single-player campaign as well as an additional storyline where you can work together with friends.

Jewel Story

Jewel Story

As with Puzzle Quest, combat in the game boils down to competitive match-3 play. You’ll take turns matching gems with enemies, allowing you to unleash attacks and cast spells.

Jewel Story is set to hit Facebook on December 5.