Road Warrior to bring a 2D death race to the App Store

It’s been a while since Mad Max films were relevant to the world of pop culture, but with Mad Max 4: Fury Road now in production, the post-apocalyptic racing genre is starting to regain popularity. Case in point: the new Road Warrior game due out for iOS devices.

Road Warrior is a 2D stunt racer, where you take on the role of a rookie driver and race across long maps. Along the way, try to both take out your fellow racers and flip in the air when you hit jumps. The best comparison is that this seems to be a 2D, post-apocalyptic version of Mario Kart.

By performing stunts, you earn cash and turbo boosts; it makes sense to perform the craziest stunts you possibly can, in order to get as big an advantage over your fellow racers.

Road Warrior

Road Warrior

The game sounds like it’ll have a fair amount of content. Each of the nine levels contains different paths that are designed to specifically favor certain vehicles. As a result, it’ll take a fair amount of practice to figure out what’s the most effective route for the car you’re driving. Additionally, the game will feature eight customizable vehicles and three more will be awarded when you beat the game’s bosses.

A final release date for Road Warrior hasn’t been revealed yet, but the game is due out sometime in December.