Terra Noctis scares up fun on the App Store this December

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s hard work to become terrifying. There’s an awful lot of training and practice that you need to go through, not to mention all the boring teachers you’ll have to put up with. But if Terra Noctis is any indicator, it also looks like this is a lot of fun.

In Terra Noctis you’ll control Allen, a tiny Thing That Goes Bump In The Night who’s attending the nearby “Nightmare School” in order to become scary enough to be a creature of dread legend. Unfortunately he’s just failed his latest test, so he sets out to fulfill a local legend that if he eats the heart of the scariest nightmare, he’ll take its place as the scariest nightmare.

Terra Noctis

Terra Noctis

The game is inspired by old-school platformers like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. You’ll guide Allen through over forty levels of double jumps, pesky projectiles, and intimidating enemies. Allen has a pound attack to take care of nearby threats, as well as a ranged combat move that will allow you to pick things off from a distance.

On top of the classic platforming action, each level contains fifteen red fairies, letters that form the word “SCARE” and a collectible gold coin that all unlock a variety of secrets. The blue fairies that can be picked up throughout the game can be used to purchase power-ups that will help Allen on his quest.

Terra Noctis is set to arrive in the App Store in December for $2.99.