He may be a little late, but Indiana Jones is finally making his Adventure World debut. Originally slated to hit in October, a new chapter dubbed “Indiana Jones and the Calendar of the Sun” is now set to hit Adventure World starting tomorrow, and we have the first look.

The new chapter is a joint effort between Zynga and LucasArts, and will be available to all players level three or higher, essentially making it playable for everyone. You won’t actually play as Indy, but instead alongside him. The new chapter will have players working in tandem with the legendary explorer in order to find a lost treasure. You’ll work together to disable traps and navigate the perilous landscape, which, of course, means avoiding rolling boulders. And snakes. Indy definitely doesn’t like snakes.

Adventure World is a perfect home for Indy,” executive producer Toby Ragaini told Gamezebo of the collaboration. “It was an opportunity for both of us.”



In addition to the new storyline, the new chapter also brings with it some new gameplay elements. Your character will be able to use a whip to swing across chasms just like Indy, and there are new dangers like the deadly spear trap. And to combat Indy’s infamous fear of snakes, you’ll also need to plug up holes in the ground to keep the reptiles at bay.

The actual design of Indy went through a number of different evolutions, as the artists attempted to recreate the iconic character within the Adventure World style.


Though initially Indy’s appearance will account for just one chapter, Ragaini explained that the character will become part of a continuous story within the game, describing it as an “ongoing serial narrative.”

“Indy is important to Adventure World because he represents adventure,” he told Gamezebo.

“Indiana Jones and the Calendar of the Sun” will be available to Adventure World players tarting tomorrow.