Has your turkey had a chance to settle yet? Good – because it’s Black Friday, and that means it’s time to go shopping! Of course, if you’re a mobile gamer, you don’t really have to go much farther than your nearest WiFi connection to get your shopping deals on. But with literally thousands of games on sale on the App Store this weekend, what are the deals that are actually worth pursuing?

Gamezebo has rounded up the top 20 iPhone games on sale right now that would absolutely be worth your hard-earned Black Friday dollars. Just be sure to buy them before you leave the house – with two and three hours lines to get some of the best deals in the mall, you’ll be glad to have a great new game to keep you entertained while waiting!

Gamebook Adventures: Temple of the Spider God, $4.99 –> $2.99 (most earlier Gamebook Adventures are just 99 cents right now!)

Zombie Parkour Runner $0.99 –>FREE

Puzzle Agent 2 $4.99 –>$0.99 (get the original for the same price!)

Dead Space $6.99 –>$0.99

Dark Meadow $5.99 –>$0.99

Fragger $0.99 –>FREE

Infinity Blade $5.99 –>$2.99

Stardash $1.99 –>$0.99

Robokill $0.99 –>FREE

The 7th Guest $5.99 –>$1.99

1112 episode 03 $4.99 –>$1.99 (get the original FREE, and the second for only 99 cents!)

Worms Crazy Golf $2.99 –>$0.99

100 Rogues $1.99 –>$0.99

Glowfish $2.99 –>$0.99

FIFA 12 $4.99 –>$2.99

Real Racing 2 $4.99 –>$2.99

Dragon Fantasy $2.99 –>$0.99

Eternal Legacy $4.99 –>$0.99

Gesundheit! $1.99 –>$0.99

Hector: Badge of Carnage Ep1 $3.99 –>$0.99 (like it? Episodes 2 and 3 are also 99 cents!)