Tongue Tied sends a pair of tied together pups on a platforming adventure

Dogs don’t get much more adorable than Mick and Ralph. Even though the two of them have managed to get their tongues tied into a knot, the stars of Tongue Tied are more than happy to run through the countryside and just pick up tasty bones wherever they can.

In this new iOS physics platformer, you control the two hounds as they run across 2D levels and use each other as anchors and slingshots to both progress and collect dog bones. The dogs can run along side by side, along parallel sections of a level, or one can freely hang by his tongue and be carried by the other.

The dogs’ tongues are like a rubber band between the two. As you can see in the game’s trailer, you can commit all sorts of crazy stunts with them, like slingshotting one of the dogs up into the air, getting them to make double-jumps, and having them act as anchors for each other while they swing from point to point.

Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied

The game is set to contain 50 individual levels, plus “a doggie-bag full of unlockables.”

No specific release date has been given yet, though it has been revealed that Tongue Tied will hit the App Store sometime this December.