Playdom has announced that two of its older games will shut down next month. Both Social City and ESPNU College Town will go offline on December 20.

As reports, an email sent out to ESPNU players explains that “[Playdom] feel that the game has run its course.” Playdom has confirmed with Gamezebo that the games will be shutting down. According to tracking service AppData, Social City currently has 270,000 monthly active users while ESPNU has 150,000.

According to a post on the Playdom forums, users have been told that any remaining Campus Cash (the premium currency in ESNPU) will not be transferred to other Playdom games and will be lost when the game shuts down next month.

Playdom has recently released a number of new games, including Gnome Town, Gardens of Time, and Deep Realms. Other games, including Secret Agent X and a number of Disney-branded titles, are known to be in development.