Sci-fi social strategy game Lucky Space is getting a major content update today, which brings with it a brand new, desert-themed planet to explore, as well as a new competitive scoring system and timed missions.

This will be the first new planet that players can venture out on to in the game. Few details about the planet were announced so you’ll need to explore it yourself to find out just what’s going on. But we’re pretty sure it has something to do with the mysterious Dr. X.

In addition to the new area, new gameplay features have also been added. New timed missions task players with completing goals within a limited time period of just a few days, while the new scoring system adds an extra compettive element to the multiplayer experience. Players can also now earn trophies for in-game achievments.



“Since launching Lucky Space earlier this fall, we’ve been hard at work creating new content to keep our fans entertained and engaged,” Whalen Rozelle, developer A Bit Lucky’s director of product management, explained. “The addition of challenges, leaderboards, and trophies are sure to bring out the competitive nature of gamers, adding another dynamic to the game.”

The update for Lucky Space is live on Facebook now.