Hero Academy prepares strategic mobile multiplayer madness for launch this winter

Contrary to popular opinion, it usually takes more than a magic sword or a tragic event to make a hero. It takes hard work, grueling training sessions, and — based on the look of the upcoming mobile game Hero Academy — a whole lot of multiplayer fun.

Hero Academy

On the surface, Hero Academy is an online head-to-head tactics game. However the game blends classic tactic techniques and fast action to create fast-paced one-on-one battles where everything can change in an instant. The end goal of the game is to destroy your opponent’s crystal, while keeping yours safe from harm.

The game is set to be asynchronous, meaning that you can play multiple games simultaneously, and push notifications will send you an alert when it’s your turn so that you can play whenever you’ve got a free moment. Each turn you’ll have to make the most of your different character classes on the field, cast spells, and employ countermeasures in order to protect your territory.

Hero Academy

Every turn, you have five moves to make before you finalize everything and send it off with an animated taunt (should you choose to do so). The game also includes a chat system that lets you message other players.

Hero Academy is set to launch with two different teams, complete with unique setups and characters. However, more teams, avatars, and add-ons are going to be available via in-app purchases.

Expect to get your hands on Hero Academy later this winter.