Slick visuals and great gameplay make Amazing Breaker a gratifying crystal smasher

Here’s a pretty original title to check out on iOS: Amazing Breaker, from the developer Dekovir. A puzzle game that is deceptively simple looking, it is an app that easily satisfies the player’s itch for a challenge. On top of this, its slick visuals and beautiful art style make for some gratifyingly high-quality destruction as users catapult bombs into various crystalline designs.

Yes, that’s the whole premise behind Amazing Breaker: blow stuff up. A puzzle game centered around destruction, players must launch varying types of bombs, from a static vantage point, to demolish an even more diverse array of crystal shapes. Granted only a limited number of explosives, the objective is to destroy a minimum of 90 percent of the design before that ammunition is depleted.

In a way, the game functions as if Angry Birds and Breakout were combined. Bombs are launched from the bottom center of the screen in the same way that various avian artillery is fired in Rovio Mobile’s app. Here, however, there is no gravity. Instead, the physics focuses more on momentum. For example, it is possible to ricochet bombs off of the walls and roof of the puzzle space, and depending on the force in which it was fired, it will slow to a crawl more quickly before exploding. The only other time bombs will stop is when they touch the crystal.

These rules do not apply to all of the bombs, though. In fact, the variety of these weapons is what gives Amazing Breaker its flair. There are four primary types of bombs that may be given to the player at the start of a puzzle: Spike Bombs, Split Bombs, Ghost Bombs, and Helicopter Bombs. Split and Helicopter bombs are the most similar, as they both contain three smaller bombs within them. When the screen is tapped for the former, they divide into three separate pieces. For the latter, it flies over the crystal, dropping smaller bombs with each tap, until it finally detonates itself.

Amazing Breaker Amazing Breaker

These two are particularly interesting in the fact that they are all part of set up. The individual pieces they break apart into do not detonate on their own. That said, if placed close enough, they can create a chain reaction when another bomb goes off near them. Typically, this will be the standard Spike bomb (which just sticks to the crystal and explodes), or the more unique Ghost bomb that can fly through the crystal. This one is a little awkward though. The game says players can control it, somewhat, by “rubbing” the screen. This slows its movement, but any sort of actual control is minimal at best.

Regardless, this is no significant issue, as the problem is easily worked around. The big challenge is figuring out how to blow up 90 percent of the oddly shaped designs. To help in this endeavor, it is possible swap which bombs are currently being launched with the next one in the queue, and the crystal often contains extra bombs that are added to one’s inventory if they are freed (by destroying that part of the crystal).

Like most mobile games nowadays, players also earn a high score that is based on the level of destruction they create. Scores then equate to up to the standard three stars, with three stars earned should 100 percent of the puzzle meet its end. Other score-augmenting factors include how many bombs are left over after this is reached. This is then shared via leaderboards powered by Game Center (expectantly, there are also achievements to be had).

Amazing Breaker Amazing Breaker

Presentation-wise, Amazing Breaker deserves a bit of praise as well. The game looks fantastic from a visual standpoint and hosts a slew of gratifying effects. Also, the crystals look so good that one almost feels bad blowing them up… almost. On top of that, the sound design works beautifully with the style of the game, and there is even an added bit of sultriness with the female narrator praising in-game accomplishments.

All in all, Amazing Breaker is a fantastic game for the iOS platform. It is refreshingly different than most of the other puzzle titles currently on the market, and challenging at that. Moreover, with 80 or so levels, there is plenty of longevity to be had. Visually pleasing, and gratifying in almost every way, Dekovir’s crystal-destroying app is one that comes highly recommended.