When it comes to game developers, they don’t get much bigger than Will Wright. Every time Wright’s involved with a project, it’s bold, ambitious, and tends to change the genre it’s a part of for the better. Now, the man behind the projects like The Sims and Spore has just revealed that he’s moving onto a brand new social gaming title called HiveMind.

HiveMind is both a game and the name of the brand new startup that Wright has just revealed. In an exclusive interview with GamesBeat, Wright explained that his new studio is working on something that he calls “personal gaming.” The new title will be a game that will customize itself to each player, “taking into account aspects of [a] player’s real-life situation as elements of the game.”

The general concept of the game is inspired by Bruce Sterling’s short story Maneki Neko, based around the idea of a “gift economy.” In HiveMind, though, it’ll be up to your friends to help you out. One such scenario that Wright outlined is that friends will be able to send you a message in order to get you to do things you need to do in real life.

At the moment, details about Wright’s new company and game (like what platforms it’ll be released for) aren’t being released yet. That said, Wright has admitted that he’s hoping to build HiveMind up into a major developer with a ton of staff who can build anything that the game needs.