2D indie platformer Tiny Plumbers now available for pre-purchase

Tiny Plumbers, the second game from IGF 2011 Nominees Robot<3Kitty, is a low-res 2D platformer that pays playful homage to Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. There are pipes, power-ups, and even a princess to save… but Mario Bros. never looked quite like this…

According to the developer, the game will eventually support split-screen and online multiplayer co-op in addition to the single-player gameplay shown in the trailer.

Tiny Plumbers

The complete version of Tiny Plumbers will sell for $10, but you can spend $5 now to pre-purchase the game and become part of the development process. People who pre-purchase the game will be able to download all of the latest working builds of the game (on PC and Mac) as they become available, and will also get exclusives like hand-drawn concept art, character sprite sheets, and wallpapers.