Starting this week the Facebook strategy game Woodland Heroes will be receiving what the developers are describing as a major update, which brings about a redesigned world map as well as tweaks to the recapture battles.

Visually you’ll notice that the world map has been changed, as it’s now divided up into regions that you can take control of, as opposed to simple markers on the map. The biggest change though is in how the recapture battles work. Previously you would start up the game only to find that some pesky bears had re-taken land you had already captured. That still happens, only now you’ll receive warning so that you know when and where the attack will happen, letting you prepare.

Depending on the defenses you have placed in a specific location a bear attack may or may not be successful. They might even run away without attacking at all, leaving you with a nice chunk of gold for your troubles. More interesting though, is that your weapons will now defend against bear onslaughts on their own, encouraging you to invest in higher quality weapons to increase your chances of victory.



“We want the bears to feel like a menacing force that is lurking in every shadow,” developer Row Sham Bow explained on its blog. “But, we want you to be able to use careful planning to outsmart the enemy. This involves using weapons that do double duty. They still behave in combat exactly as they have before, but now they have a purpose on the world map: to guard captured locations from bear invasions.”

The changes are going live this week.