Road Trippin’ to take freemium gaming on a tour of the US

Whether it’s Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition, Ghost Harvest, or the upcoming Theme Park, Electronic Arts have made it no secret that their happy to jump on the freemium bandwagon in the mobile space. Now that bandwagon is getting ready to rev its way across the country with EA’s next freemium mobile game, Road Trippin’.

Road Trippin'

Available already on the Canadian App Store, Road Trippin’ is somewhat unique in that it doesn’t really fit neatly into any already existing freemium format. It’s not a city-builder, a restaurant sim, a farming game, or a social RPG – instead, it’s something original that’s built from familiar elements. Players will travel from city to city completing missions, upgrading their ride, and learning tons of great facts about America along the way.

We’ve had a chance to go hands on with Road Trippin’ before its wide release, and were delighted by the kinds of neat trivia the game teaches you. Each “mission” that we’ve encountered was similar to the job in a social text-based RPG like Mafia Wars, requiring just a single click to complete; but each mission is also tied to a real world location and teaches you a unique fact about that place. For example, when completing the mission at the Maine State Museum in Augusta, Maine, I’m informed of the following; “Once a part of Massachusetts, Maine formed its own state in 1820 with Augusta as its capital. This official state museum was created in 1836, and has been growing in size ever since!”

Road Trippin'

The folks at EA are prosing more than 100 US cities, hundreds of missions, souvenirs to collect, and more. They’re even hinting at a stop off at Area 51 for our adventurous travellers.

There’s no word yet on when Road Trippin’ will see a wider release, but considering how polished it looks in Canada, we wouldn’t expect it to take too long.