New games company Panagalore has announced four new cross-platform HTML5 games for this year, two of which are already available, with more games set to launch in 2012.

The first two games, WildWest Solitaire and ArtFit, are playable now on Facebook, while two other games, dubbed Bubble Prince and Pop the Candy, have also been announced. Panagalore says that it plans to launch several additional, currently unnamed HTML5 games by the end of the year as well. Following that, “deeper strategy and roleplaying games” with 3D graphics are slated for 2012.

Pangalore’s main focus is on creating cross-platform experiences, letting users plays the same game in any web browser, no matter what device they’re using. All you’ll need to do is sign into your Facebook account.



“Imagine starting a game on Facebook on your Mac in the morning, picking up your game on your smartphone while commuting to work, logging in from a work PC to play during a break, and then settling down at night on the couch with your iPad to continue with all the experience and items you earned through the day already waiting for you,” co-founder and CPO Doyon Kim said.

“That’s the seamlessly connected social gaming experience we intend to deliver with our games, starting with our inaugural titles WildWest Solitaire and ArtFit and continuing with larger scale and deeper strategy games next year.”