Real-time 3D multiplayer soccer is coming to Facebook

There are plenty of ways to get your soccer fix on Facebook. From in-depth management games like Top Eleven to more simple, arcade-style experiences like GolMania, the platform is flush with soccer games. But what if you want a little of both worlds? That’s what the upcoming World of Football is hoping to offer, with a combination of club management and real-time multiplayer action.

Unlike GolMania, which simplifies the game quite a bit, World of Football appears to offer a full-fledged soccer experience, with a full-sized field and 11 players per side. And it does it all in 3D. Check out the trailer below to see the game in action.

The game will also offer real-time online multiplayer play where you can play with up to 19 other players around the world. It will feature multiple modes, including league and tournaments, and will also include some team management aspects as well. You can customize jerseys and even build a stadium.

World of Football is expected to go into open beta early next year, but you can get in early by signing up for the alpha version right here.