Swingworm looks to offer a unique new twist on the platforming genre

Grim Joggers. Joining Hands. 10tons Ltd has some given us some pretty great games so far. That said, the developer’s next title may very well take the cake. Why? It features “fresh and original worm-physics.” If that doesn’t get you interested in Swingworm, I don’t know what will.

The titular hero in Swingworm is a stretchy caterpillar who’s obviously related to Chuck Norris (though the little guy is missing the epic facial hair): not only is he a superb athlete, but his spiked tail allows him to beat down any hostile animals that get too close for comfort.

All the little guy wants to do is see the moon, which requires him to climb all the way to the top of the highest tree in the Whispering Woods. Unfortunately, Big Bug owns said tree and demands you pay him tasty berries in order to earn tree-climbing privileges.



As a result, it’s up to you to swing the fuzzy little whatzit from surface to surface by grabbing his head or tail with your finger and then flinging or pulling it as far as his body will stretch. Swingworm latches onto a surface with either his teeth or his tail, and continues on his climb across the nearly 100 levels in the game.

At the moment, 10tons Ltd has yet to name a definite release date, though Swingworm is reportedly due out “within a few weeks.”