Mad Chef slices and dices his way onto the App Store “soon”

It isn’t a dark and stormy night. It should be, but you can’t control the weather. That’s because you’re a Mad Chef, not a mad scientist. Really, you only have yourself to blame: instead of getting an engineering degree and learning how to build weather controlling machines and doomsday devices, you decided to go to Mad Cooking School. On the other hand, you just landed a starring role in Foursaken Media’s upcoming game, so things aren’t all bad.

Mad Chef is an action/arcade game that will feature two-minute rounds of knife throwing craziness mixed with some “light” (read: diet-friendly) town and restaurant-building mechanics. Essentially, you work in a restaurant that customers come into and then place their orders. It’s your job to throw knives at all the ingredients for each recipe before time runs out. The more hit streaks, combos, power-ups, and seasonings you manage to nail, the higher your score becomes.

The game is set to feature a ton of content. Aside from six unique restaurants, you’ll also be able unlock new recipes, upgrades, and costumes, as well as decorate your own living room with items you earn from achievements.

Mad Chef

Mad Chef

Mad Chef is due out for all iOS devices “sometime very soon,” so keep your eyes peeled (not in a creepy murderous way; you’re not that kind of mad chef).