Those Angry Birds aren’t the only game characters available in plushie form, as Zynga has announced a new line of stuffed animals based on FarmVille. Pre-orders start today for the stuffed critters, which come in eight varieties, and will be available in Best Buy stores starting November 25.

You’ll be able to purchase a pig, goat, cow, sheep, chicken, duck, horse, and rabbit, all bundled up in holiday-themed clothing for $9.99. Each toy also comes with 10 Farm Cash (the game’s premium currency) and a code that lets you add a tiny virtual version of the stuffed animal to your FarmVille farm. Additionally, you’ll be able to buy the toys bundled with a Farm Cash game card – buy a $25 card get a plushie for $0.99. And if you collect all eight you’ll get a “Super Orchard” for your virtual farm.

“A top request we’ve heard from our players has been for real toys that mirror our great animals,” Ryan Linton, Zynga’s senior director of business development, said. “We’ve listened, and with the help of Best Buy, we’ve brought these great characters to life.”

You can pre-order the toys from here, though the link doesn’t appear to be live just yet.