Red Dead Redemption? More like Undead Redemption! Cowboys meet monsters in Gameloft’s upcoming Six Guns

A lone gunman travels the Old West, moving from town to town, facing down enemies under the hot sun and monsters beneath the cold light of the moon. What’s that? You’ve played this game already and it’s called Red Dead Redemption? Sorry, no. I’m talking about Six Guns, the new action title from Gameloft.

Based on the first trailer for the game, it’s tough to tell what the plot is actually about. At first, it looks like this is the standard “mysterious gunslinger walks into town, pisses off the local banditos, tries on some fancy/absurd hats, gets into some horse races, and sets things right in the final act” storyline. You know, standard stuff.

But then the monsters show up. From the look of things, there are vampires and werewolves and zombies and… are those the witches from Macbeth? Oh, my. There’s a bit about giving into the Dark Side, too; it all looks terribly exciting, but really doesn’t make much sense.

Unfortunately, no real details about the game have been revealed (including a release date, since Gameloft has only offered the nebulous “Fall 2011”), but there are a few things to be gleaned from the trailer.

Six Guns

Six Guns

Six Guns

Six Guns looks like it will feature a healthy amount of open world exploration, complete with dungeons to clear (shown in the trailer as mine entrances). You’ll be able to get around both on foot and by horse, and there will be a number of races to compete in while in the saddle. Even though it’s not directly stated, it looks like players will also be able to pick up custom outfits for their hero.

We’ll let you know about any new details about the game as soon as Gameloft releases them.