RPM: Gymkhana Racing drifts into the App Store November 17th

There aren’t too many gymkhana games available for iOS devices, which is a shame. The motorsport is incredibly challenging and fun to watch, thanks in large part to the tricks and advanced driving skills that participants have to demonstrate. In a couple of weeks, though, the App Store will have one more such title when BulkyPix releases RPM: Gymkhana Racing.

RPM: Gymkhana Racing will put you behind the wheel as you zip across various gymkhana courses. Aside from memorizing the complex routes, you’ll also get to show off your racing techniques, including drifting, performing donuts, and pulling off other stunts.

Along the way, you’ll collect stars and receive ratings based on your performance. You’ll also be compete with other players via online leaderboards and earch achievements via Openfeint.

 Gymkhana Racing

 Gymkhana Racing

The game is set to feature four different locations from around the world: New York City, Dubai, Zhang Jia Jie, and Tokyo. There will a total of twenty different stages, too, though the exact number of racing vehicles has yet to be revealed. On top of that, there will be a recording mode, which will let you show off your best stunts to all your friends.

RPM: Gymkhana Racing is due in the App Store on November 17th.