Glu gets ready to pit gladiators against each other in Blood & Glory

The App Store is home to a lot of games. Some of those games are freemium. Some of those games are jaw-droppingly gorgeous and sweat-drippingly action-packed. Blood & Glory however, the just announced freemium action title from Glu Games, is hoping to be both.

Set in a gladiatorial arena, Blood & Glory looks as though it draws a good deal of inspiration from Infinity Blade. The game is described by Glu as “a slash and swipe style action game,” and judging by the video above, it seems pretty clear where they got that idea from. Still, drawing inspiration from a successful franchise doesn’t mean Blood & Glory is destined to be a cookie cutter release. After all, Dark Meadow drew inspiration from Infinity Blade as well, and it was a top notch game in its own right.

Blood & Glory will challenge players to earn the coveted Invictus Victory, which Glu describes as the “gladiatorial symbol of perfection,” and will do this by competing in a tournament system. Glu is also promising special attacks and combos, a wide variety of weapons and armor to suit different fighting styles, and a level of gore that warrants the title “most graphic swipe and slash fighting game on mobile.”

Blood & Glory

Blood & Glory

Blood & Glory will be heading to both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.