Star Hammer Tactics brings its spacewar strategy stylings to the iPad later this month

Stop! Hammer Time!

If the unmistakable groove of Rick James’ “Super Freak” isn’t currently rolling through your mind, I feel terrible for you. It’s an involuntary reaction of mine whenever I read, hear or think the word “hammer” to instantly recall the tune that made MC Hammer king of everything with ridiculous pants. It makes walking through a hardware store more like browsing an ear worm generator. So what the heck does a washed-up early 90’s rap star have to with Gamezebo? Nothing. But this is a preview for an upcoming iPad game called Star Hammer Tactics.

See? It doesn’t take much…

Previously released on PS3 and PSP as part of the Playstation Network Mini series, this turn-based combat sim set in space has received a completely rewritten batch of code to ensure it finds a happy home on your iPad. You’ll play as Lieutenant Fredan Dyce in a fight for all that is worth fighting for, one turn at a time, against the alien Nautilid invaders. With a fleet of space ships at your disposal, you must be fancy in maneuvering your forces to (ahem) hammer the enemy and save your home planet, Novus.

This new iPad version will be free to play with four campaign levels and the small skirmish mode available. The remaining 11 campaign missions and expanded skirmish mode options can be unlocked via a single in-app purchase of $2.99. Game Center leaderboards and achievements are along for the ride with hot seat multiplayer and a wealth of knowledge of the game’s universe available via the Data Archives.

Star Hammer Tactics

Star Hammer Tactics

If you’re excited to jump in and get your tactical space ship turn-based combat on you’ll be happy to know that the game launches on November 24th. Or as I like to call it, “Hammer Time”.