This 8-legged invader just wants to escape

Spiders! Yeesh. The only thing worse are spiders from another world – Alien spiders! Or, in the case of the upcoming new action game from Kalypso, Alien Spidy, the action-packed tale of a tiny, space-faring alien with eight legs who finds himself stranded on a hostile planet known as Earth.

In Alien Spidy, players step into the eight otherworldly shoes of an Arachnid From Beyond the Moon as he struggles to rescue his female fellow Virgi and collect the lost parts of his crashed spaceship so they can escape the dangers of the very spider-unfriendly planet called Earth. You’ll run, jump and of course swing from webs as you navigate treacherous landscapes and dodge deadly hazards and enemies, collecting bonuses and powerups as you go.


The game boasts an impressive visual style that deftly blends the icky world of bugs with the irresistible cuteness of Saturday morning cartoons, and with more than 60 levels spread across three unique landscapes, players will have plenty to do before the Alien Spidy can make his bid for freedom. The developers say that the game will be “broadly accessible” – fun for all ages and all that sort of thing – but promise that even hardcore gamers will be challenged as the difficulty ramps up in the later levels.

The lush, quirky insectoid world on display in pre-release trailers looks absolutely gorgeous, and if the gameplay matches, Alien Spidy could easily become a big hit. Look for it to come out this fall on the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC.