Atari shoots up the world of mobile freemium gaming later this week with Asteroids Gunner

Despite a few stumbles here and there, I’m still convinced that Atari is one of those companies that’s destined for mobile gaming greatness. The quick play nature of their classic catalogue make them a perfect fit, and their few unique modern titles, like I Love Strawberries and Faeries vs Darklings, were a blast to play. Now Atari is gearing up to release what appears to be a winning combination of old and new, with the upcoming iOS release of Asteroids Gunner.

Set against the backdrop of space, players will once again find themselves strapped into the pilot’s seat of a spaceship that finds itself in the heart of an asteroid field – just like they did in the original 1979 classic arcade cabinet Asteroids. This time around though, you’ll be controlling the game with your two thumbs on virtual joysticks instead of a series of buttons. That’s right – Asteroids Gunner is a twin stick shooter.

Asteroids Gunner

More than that, Asteroids Gunner will also be a freemium release. The game itself will be a free download, offering 50 waves of asteroids and one ship for at no cost. There will be a mix of in-game currency and premium currency buying options, with the bigger ticket items – like new ships and new stages – requiring you to pony up a bit of real world cash.

We’ve recently had a chance to go hands-on with Asteroids Gunner, and while we’re sworn to secrecy on a lot of what we saw, we’re pleased to say this – Atari definitely has a winner on their hands. Fans of Asteroids-inspired iOS games like Space Miner Blast and Gunner Galaxies are going to love what’s on offer here, and the amount of gameplay you’ll get for free will be more than enough to keep you entertained for hours.

Be sure to check back with us when the game releases this Thursday, November 10th, for our full review.