Evertales offers up a silly take on high fantasy later this week

The whole idea of a Tolkien-inspired fantasy world is pretty ridiculous, no? I mean, obviously it’s ridiculous, that’s why it’s called “fantasy”. It’s not supposed to be real. A lot of great stories and games have come from there, things that I love dearly, but I do wish more people took a stab at mocking it or having their character be self-aware in some way. I’m thinking the upcming iOS game Evertales might just fit the bill.

Most fantasy stories involve brave heroes, selfless acts of action, wondrous wizards and journeys that are truly befitting of the word “epic”. Evertales takes on exactly none of these conventions in its side scrolling adventure. You have your choice to play as one of three unlikely heroes: Sir Jorgin, a knight whose best work is behind him; Arwick, an elf rogue whose better with the ladies than his bow; and Taragon, the old wizard who’s wisdom is strong but senility is getting the better of him.

You’ll be able to outfit each of these heroes with a multitude of armor and weapons as you frolick your way through a goofy storyline with “epic boss battles”. The developers (a collaboration between Trenches developer Thunder Game Works and Crescent Moon Games) are promising that Evertales will feature incredible graphics taking full advantage of everything your iOS devices can do.



You can see for yourself when Evertales launches on November 10th.