Reel Deal Slots brings more penny pinching gambling to Facebook

Not too long ago we took a look at the game of JackpotJoy Slots, and now, yet another slots title is raising its head in the form of Reel Deal Slots on Facebook. A video slots-style game, it plays similarly to other social slots games, but contains a number of different nuances. A conglomerate several different kinds of virtual slot machines, the game creates new and different styles of play through each one using unique bonuses and mini-games.

There isn’t much to say when it comes to the basics of slots, and Reel Deal Slots follows that standard. Each virtual machine comes with five reels and you activate multiple bet lines that look for three or more icons in a row on dozens of different pay lines that can be activated. These pay lines can run straight across, at angles, and number in the dozens. Also, a bet on each line can be as small as one RD Credit or as large as five. The payout will then increase based on both the size of the bet and the series of icons you land on.

Reel Deal Slots - 5 Reel Slot Machines

Of course, this alone doesn’t make the game terribly extravagant, so each machine comes with its own set of interesting features. Two simple examples are the “Scatter” and “Wild” icons. For the former, any three appearing anywhere on the reels earns a payout, while the latter acts as any icon that might be needed to make a set of three. These increase the chances of earning a payout, but are not quite as interesting as some of the special mini-game style ones or on-reel features.

A good example of one such mini-game comes from the first machine you are allowed to play, which is the Pied Piper of Hamelin. In this particular game, should you hit a “Bonus” icon on the first reel, a “Pied Piper” symbol on reel five, you will activate a simple card game. The idea is to flip over either three “Release Rats” or “Pay The Piper” cards which will either add or remove rat icons from the reels (rat icons are worth the least). As an on-reel feature on the same machine, should the Pied Piper appear on reel five, any rat symbols on the other reels will be led off the slots and not appear again.

These curious additions play into the other slot machines too, which unlock as you level up. Unfortunately, experience is earned by spins and so accumulates very slowly. This means that Reel Deal Slots has a tendency to get repetitive after a while. That said, the noted mini-games and bonuses do add a level of addictiveness with each intended to increase your winnings (or at least your chances at winning). It creates a sort of “one more try” mentality by improving the odds in your favor. What enhances this, too, is that should you leave a machine, any bonuses you accrued will be lost. A good example comes from the Oktoberfest machine, where if a keg icon is landed upon, it will begin filling up that reel with beer. Once full, each icon in that reel will be deemed a wild icon for five spins. However, if you leave the machine and “Cash Out” all that ale will be lost.

Reel Deal Slots - 5 Reel Slot Machines

Other than RD Credits, you are granted a limited number of spins as well. This increases every few hours, but most of the spins are earned through being gifted to you by friends or inviting them in the first place. That said, the social mechanics aren’t too exciting, but you are presented with an unobtrusive feed that streams big wins from other users and the game contains the standard wall post brags for achievements and such. There’s also a tournament mode built into Reel Deal Slots, but has nothing upcoming at this time.

As with most slots games, if you’re not already a fan of slot machines, Reel Deal Slots won’t win you over.. In fact, you will likely enjoy it even less than the real thing since there’s no prospect of winning real money. For slots fans Reel Deal Slots is certainly worth a play, for everyone else you will probably be bored to tears.