Pocket Potions puts players in charge of a magical market next week

You’ve gotta love fairy godmothers. They always give you the best stuff. Cinderella got those glass slippers. Sleeping Beauty had that cabin in the woods. Oh, and you? It turns out that you’re about to inherit the hottest little potion shop in the kingdom. At least, that’s what will happen when Pocket Potions hits the App Store.

Pocket Potions is a store management sim that has you running the aforementioned potion shop in a fantasy world. Even though it’s small, your fairy godmother ran a bang-up business and the place is apparently famous for its quality. Now that you’ve taken over, it’s up to you to brew potions, cast charms, and mix stir up some evil elixirs… all for a healthy profit, of course.

The ultimate goal of the game is to take your store from a small corner shop and turn it into a one-stop shopping center for all things magical. You’ll be able to farm magical plants, raise creatures like unicorns and dragons, and customize your shop so it attracts more mystical customers. You’ll also be able to visit friends’ shops and help them out on their path to fantasy business domination.

Pocket Potions

Pocket Potions

Pocket Potions is due out for iOS next week, and will be available as a free download.