PlayFirst is kicking things up a notch with its popular game, Cooking Dash. The publisher has announced that it’s teaming up with HSN to provide an update for the iOS version of the game that will give players a new restaurant and an avatar of celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse.

The new update will add a new venue called “HSN Cooks with Emeril” and will let you use the Lagasse avatar as you interact with virtual versions of the chef’s cookware and kitchen electrics line. Addtionally, the venue will actually let you purchase those exact same products from HSN without leaving the game.

So exactly what Emeril products are we talking about here? Well, to name a few, there’s the chef’s knife, the blender, the mixer, and —my personal favorite— the deep fryer.

“Cooking is so popular today because it’s the perfect mix of food and fun,” said Emeril in regards to the announcement. “I’m excited to partner with HSN to set up shop on Cooking Dash so viewers can cook along with me in the studio and try their hand at running their own restaurant. If you love cooking then you’ll absolutely love this new feature.”


Alright, let’s be honest about something: Playing Cooking Dash won’t really teach you how to cook like Emeril. But at least now it’ll give you the opportunity to buy everything you need to make Deep Fried Twinkies. Except, you know, for the Twinkies themselves.