Chicken Rescue brings a taste of tilt-based gameplay to the farm

Being a mother hen on a farm is a tough job. Aside from laying and hatching a ton of eggs, you also have to make sure that your chicks stay safe. As the upcoming iOS title Chicken Rescue proves, it’s that last task that is apparently the most time-consuming.

The game stars Chicken Mama, who needs your guidance to find her lost chicks. Apparently the little McNuggets have vanished from the coop and it’s up to their mother to track them down.

Gameplay consists of using your iOS device’s accelerometer to navigate the 3D maps. Essentially, it’s a bit like Super Monkey Ball set on a farm. You tilt the unit and Chicken Mama moves accordingly through the title’s 24 different levels, all of which are peppered with challenges like rocks, crates, and other antagonistic animals.

To help the poultry matriarch on her journey, you can provide her with tons of upgrades that make her faster and stronger; there are also nine different unlockable skins that provide Mama new looks and abilities (personally, I’m curious what the Vampire Chicken will do).

Chicken Rescue is due out on November 3rd.