Sports trivia goes social in SKL

AccuScore is releasing its debut Facebook game today, with the open beta of SKL, a sports trivia game. Fans will be able to test their knowledge in three different sports leagues (the NFL, college football, and the English Premiership) as they attempt to climb the leaderboards by answering questions correctly.

When you first start out you’ll be able to choose your favorite club from any of the available leagues and from there you’ll begin answering questions right away. There are three types of trivia mini-games in SKL, including buzzer beater (in which you answer questions about your favorite team while under a time limit), 4cast (where you can predict the outcome of upcoming games), and challenge mode (a multiplayer, time-based trivia mode).

There’s a nice progression system as you play, and SKL does a good job of keeping the sports theme going even outside of the main trivia section. You’ll be signing contracts and there’s a bossy coach to guide you through the beginning of the game. As you progress you’ll move up from being an amateur to an all-star.

“One thing that unites all sports fans is their competitive nature and knowledge of their favorite teams,” AccuScore CEO Jason Manasse explained. “Utilizing AccuScore’s massive array of sports statistics, SKL offers them the chance to flaunt that knowledge as they compete against their friends in a variety of mini-games, table games, and quizzes.”

SKL is currently in open beta.