The upcoming, free-to-play multiplayer racer Simraceway has announced a new partnership that will see some legendary cars included in the game. The deal with McLaren Group means that detailed models of each and every race car the company has ever created will be featured in Simraceway.

That list includes open-wheel Formula One cars, as well as Can-Am, sports, and road cars, some of which will be making their video game debuts in Simraceway. Announced cars include the McLaren F1, the MP4-12C, the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-26, and the legendary MP4/4 F1 car that won all but one of its 16 races in the 1980s. All together there will be more than 30 exclusive F1 racers in Simraceway.

“Creating a playable library of McLaren’s complete line of celebrated race and road cars is a major step forward in our aim of pushing the racing game beyond the limits that have previously defined the genre,” developer Ignite CEO Jonathan Haswell said.

“In Simraceway we’re creating a living, constantly evolving, racing world that gives gamers access to authentic virtual models of the most powerful, beautiful and iconic machines on the planet. To achieve this we’re developing a lot of new and highly-innovative technologies, including simulation-grade vehicle physics and a proprietary skill quantification engine, so it feels appropriate to be associated with McLaren, a brand synonymous with innovation in motorsport.”

Simraceway is currently in closed beta. You can sign up here.