Saving Yello wants to remind you that your 7 year old might not be responsible enough for a goldfish quite yet

Being a kid’s pet fish is a lot more dangerous than you might think. True story: my sister —when she was three— tried to suck up my brother’s goldfish with a bike horn. That poor little guy got off easy though compared to Yello, the new protagonist/victim of Tactile Entertainment’s upcoming physics puzzler Saving Yello.

Saving Yello

Saving Yello

Yello, it turns out, is an unlucky goldfish that happens to be owned by a particularly nasty seven-year-old named Mathilda. Mathilda apparently enjoys taking the little guy out of his fishbowl and watching him “dance” along the floor. As a result, you have to rescue Yello by dragging back on his tail and flinging him through an obstacle course of toys, building blocks, dolls, and stuffed animals.

The gameplay sounds like it’ll have a lot of the same basic elements as Angry Birds, complete with destructible environment pieces that Yello can hurtle through. However, as our hero hurtles through the air, he can snag power-ups like pincushions (allowing him to stick to surfaces), fire, ice, and dynamite (which allow Yello to burn, freeze, or blow up walls).

Saving Yello will feature forty levels across three different settings when it launches on November 17th.