We’re pretty big fans of Memoir ’44, and we’re even bigger fans of such a great game coming to as wide a market as possible. Thankfully, the title’s just come to what is probably the biggest gaming service out there: Memoir ’44 Online is now available on Steam.

As with the pre-Steam launch, players will have access to a dozen hours of free play, and more play can be purchased via the in-game currency of Gold Ingots (accessible via gamers’ Steam Wallet).

“We are delighted by the opportunity Valve is giving us to bring Memoir ’44 Online to the Steam community,” explained Eric Hautemont, CEO of Days of Wonder. “In this integration we have focused our efforts on providing a totally seamless experience for Steam users with all setup, login and transactions handled directly via Steam. Strategy game fans will immediately feel at home and find themselves welcomed by our community of veteran Memoir ’44 players.”


The build on Steam is v1.2, which features a slew of fixed bugs and updated/optimized features. Aside from private messaging and a couple of new achievements, the big new piece of content is the game’s Battle Action Replay, which will allow you review previous battles and watch them unfold, turn by turn (although when using this mode, you’ll get to see both players’ cards, as well as their moves, battles, and dice rolls).