The free-to-play MMO A Mystical Land is now officially out of open beta, and to celebrate the news developer Neonga has released a new expansion pack that lets players finally own their own homes and even do some gardening.

Dubbed The Villages, the new expansion is described by the developer like this:

“Players can create their own villages and build houses with the help of their friends. Countless construction possibilities make each house as individual as the players themselves. The fun doesn’t stop there, players can grow their own crops in a little garden in the backyard. We don’t grow that useless fru-fru stuff here, what you plant can be used inmighty recipes giving you an edge in combat. Farming meets crafting in an innovative way that offers new challenges to not only craftsmen, but merchants and adventurers as well.”



In addition to the joys of home ownership and agriculture, the expansion also introduces seven new zones to explore, complete with new items, weapons, and five all-new powerful boss monsters, including the evil Banshee Queen.

The Villages update is now live, and playable across the browser and Facebook versions of A Mystical Land.