While the main Pocket God game keeps growing by leaps and bounds, it’s spin-off, Pocket God: Journey to Uranus, hasn’t exactly been a slouch either. This minigame-centric game has paid homage to a number of classics in the past, and with the release of Episode 6, it can add Capcom’s classic action platformer Ghosts’n Goblins to that list.

Available for download starting today today, this free update adds the game “Decapithon” to the mix. Players will visit Graveyard Island, a spooky island with a dark portal that leads to another dimension… filled with zombie Pygmies!!

Players will use tilt control to guide their hero left and right, while tapping on the screen with get him to toss an axe into the face of a the waiting undead. These zombies are more than happy to use their own arms as a boomerang, so you’ll need to hit them so hard their heads come off if you want them to end their pursuit.

When I say that Decapithon is an homage to Ghosts’n Goblins, it’s really an homage to Ghosts’n Goblins. We’ve had a chance to fool around with this new mode, and from zombie Pygmies coming out of the ground to the very deliberate arc of the axe-throw, there’s no question that the folks at Bolt Creative put this together as a loving tribute to one of the toughest platformers of all time.

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