A new game bundle site called Indie Royale launches today, giving indie game fans a new place to shop for bargains and support developers. The website bundles together four indie games every two weeks and offers them at a heavily discounted price. The first bundle, which contains Gemini Rue, Sanctum, A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, and Nimbus, is available now for just $1.99.

Created as a joint venture between online download service Desura and IndieGames.com, Indie Royale uses a unique new pricing system to help support emerging indie developers. While today’s bundle is initially available at a starting price of $1.99, the cost gradually increases as more bundles are bought. This allows early adopters to enjoy the best deals, while keeping prices competitive throughout.

That’s not all. People who choose to pay more than whatever the current cost of the bundle is will not only receive special mention on the site’s front page, but their actions will cause the price of the bundle to drop for everyone else, anywhere from a few cents to several dollars. If nothing else, such a pricing structure will “likely spawn unpredictable but entertaining results,” according to Indie Royale’s creators, who added that they’re looking forward to seeing the pricing trends that result.

At the time of writing this article, the cost of the bundle was sitting at $2.98, with more than 16,000 bundles sold.

The premiere Indie Royale bundle, predictably called The Launch Bundle,

  • Wadjet Eye Games’ Gemini Rue. A previousIndependent Games Festival finalist, the Joshua Nuernberger-created title isa moody, classic 2D adventure game, with a futuristic sci-fi setting andhand-drawn backgrounds galore.
  • The first-person shooter tower defence title Sanctum, which includes four-playerco-op
  • Underappreciated”Metroidvania”-esque Dream Build Play winner A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda; and
  • Noumenon Games’ ingenious puzzle/racing game Nimbus.

Indie Royale is designed to be content and platform agnostic, with PC direct
downloads, Steam and Desura keys for the titles available if the game
supports them, and an easy to use gifting and download redemption system
built into the site.

New bundles are scheduled to appear on Indie Royale every two weeks. More than 15 indie games are already signed up. Visit Indie Royale.