The developer behind MapleStory tackles the undead

If the world of MapleStory was filled with shambling, brain-hungry zombies, what would it look like? Probably a lot like Zombie Misfits, the latest Facebook release from MapleStory Adventures developer Nexon. The game puts you smack in the middle of a zombie infested world, filled with plenty of blood, gore, and … cupcakes?

Zombie Misfits sports a surprisingly charming cartoon art style considering its grisly setting. Then again, this is a game from the same people who brought us not only MapleStory, but the upcoming Wonder Cruise as well. Nexon knows how to do cute and charming.

The gameplay is of the 2D side-scrolling variety, and based on the launch trailer it looks like it’s full of plenty of action, with hordes of zombies to fight and lots of weapons to fight them with.

Zombie Misfits is available on Facebook now. Stay tuned for Gamezebo’s full review.