Wizard Ops is an upcoming action game where… wait — MICHAEL WINSLOW DOES THE SOUND EFFECTS?!?!

If you’re someone who grew up in the 1980’s, there’s no doubt that you know who Michael Winslow is. Maybe not by name. but if I told you he’s the sound effects guy in the Police Academy series. I can assume that your face just lit up at the recognition. quickly followed by the thought: “So what’s he up to these days?” Well, I’m happy to report that he’s doing sound effects for an upcoming fantasy arcade shooter called Wizard Ops. Why they left this fact until the last sentence of the press release, I’ll never know.

Each of the four planned episodes in this adventure will focus on a different elemental wizard trying to rescue the princess of The Kingdom while ridding the world of the darkness that has taken over. In this first installment you’ll play as the Fire Wizard as you try to free your other wizardly cohorts. You are the King’s last hope in restoring peace and rescuing his daughter.

Beyond the nice graphics and (I’m assuming) stunning sound effects, developers Phyken Media are introducing something they call a “touch area” for triggering the fire attack. The idea is that instead of placing your finger directly on what you want to attack and blocking the entire screen you’ll simply tap on this one area at the bottom of the display to fire at your enemies, allowing you to keep an eye on all the action. We’ll be anxious to see how well this works when the game hits the App Store and Android Market soon.