High Stakes Slots is a multiplayer heist game disguised as a slot machine

Slots games are becoming incredibly popular and developers are trying all sorts of techniques to make their game feel unique. There’s everything from the story in Adventure Slots to the mini-games in 3D Slots. Now Yazino is attempting to add its own twist to the formula with High Stakes Slots, a multiplayer slots game that puts you in the role of a criminal in a jewel heist.

Yes, you read that right, High Stakes is multiplayer. You’ll be playing with up to nine other players, and as you spin the machine you’ll compete with one another. Spinning can earn you credits of course — and the game features the standard array of betting options — but you can also earn promotions. These put you into a new role within the crime heist, and with a higher rank comes a higher multiplier for payouts. But since everyone else is also spinning you’ll constantly be moving up and down the ranking ladder.

It’s an interesting feature and one that plays in nicely with the whole heist scenario. The characters are all well-known heist movie archetypes, but in a nice change of pace many of them, including the higher ranking ones, are female. In addition to the ranking, there’s also a periodic mini-game in which you guess the code to a safe in order to make off with the jewels.

Currently High Stakes features just the one slot machine — which features terrific art and some truly heist-worthy music — which hopefully will change in the future, as variety is always welcome in this sort of game. But as it stands the game is a pretty novel take on a well-worn formula. It could do a better job of explaining just how everything actually works, but once you figure it all out it’s a charming game of slots.

High Stakes Slots is due to hit Facebook soon.